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    Music has the Power to Make a Difference.

    Music For Awareness, by utilizing a collaborative business model, works with established musicians, emerging artists and non-profit organizations to provide hope and create awareness to the things in life that truly matter. 
    Though you may not know what Music For Awareness is all about, that's the way we like it... for right now...but feel free to join us! 
    Getting involved prior to the launch of the official site is very easy to do. 
    Here's How: 

    1. MAILING LIST: There is a newsletter that will go sporadically that anyone can sign-up for in order to stay in the loop since we will be doing some tweaks soon. Be sure to stay informed by joining this "not-so-frequent" mailing list reserved for "very-important-insider-information" at the top as well.

    2. TWEET US: Can't miss this one-follow us on twitter! We love tweeting! Join us there. @ us anytime!

    We look forward to your hearing from you as well as your involvement.